Local Artists Organize Camping, Survival Trips for Inspiration

  Inspiration. What does it mean? The answer to that question is different for every person alive. Some people get their inspiration from the strangest places possible—especially artists. I recently ran across an art collective who claims they… Read More

Artists Raise Funds for Victims of Handgun Violence: Push for More Secure Safes

  I was recently visiting family in the Chicago area and saw an interesting flyer I thought I’d let my readers know about. As I’m sure many of you know, Chicago is one of the hardest hit communities… Read More

Fracking Protest: Artists Rally for Clean, Softened Water with Filters

Artists have long used their medium to encourage and facilitate social change. This is part of what makes art edgy and provocative. Even today, artists throughout the world are making bold steps and statements for human rights. Chinese… Read More

Local Artist Get Involved with Beer of the Month Clubs

Art and beer? Why not? That’s what a few local artists are saying in the Portland, Oregon region and it’s quickly becoming a regional sensation. I recently took a trip down to Portland to visit some friends and… Read More

Appreciating Chinese Art While Teaching English Abroad

As any good student of art history knows, fine art isn’t something limited to the West. In fact, the ancient art that has come from the Orient far predates anything found in Europe. My love and appreciation for… Read More

Artists Partner with CPA Review Course Companies

The modern world of art goes way beyond the traditional studio. Art and design is in everything that we do, own, and operate. Companies like Apple take great pride in their designs and the fact that they hire… Read More

Do It Yourself Artists Have What It Takes

Part of our philosophy here is that anyone has what it takes to be an artist. You don’t need to be formally trained—although sometimes that helps—to express yourself in an artistic way. That’s why we make our studio… Read More