Art. What is it? We all have slightly different definitions, but we all are, at some level, artists. Yes, we all have varying capabilities and motivations, but art, at its most basic level, is simply about expressing yourself.

Hi. Welcome to SFZineFest.com. This is a project I recently started to help encourage people in my own area to pick up the brush and express themselves. Even though you may not think of yourself as an artist or you may not be formally trained in art, everyone is capable of expressing themselves. And that is what art is all about.


I cannot tell you how many times I hear people say they wish they could be an artist but they don’t have the skills or resources to do so. That’s what SFZineFest.com is all about. My objective is to get local independent artists, who have do it yourself mindset, together to create a community that builds on itself and develops relationships with surrounding artists.

For those people who think they don’t have the capabilities of being an artist, we have workshops available completely free of charge to come in and learn different art mediums. From painting to printmaking, watercolors to woodcuts, drawing to photography, once a month we have professional artist come in a give pro bono workshops using their techniques.

We also have a small gallery located on the second floor of the building where we feature work of the artists who come to speak, the work of those in the classes, and every now and then we will have a local exhibition, whether it be a locally themed topic or artwork from the local school district.

We try to make art as community oriented as possible and introduce those people who may not have thought of themselves as artists before stepping in our doors.

So come on down and see what’s happening. We always have something going on.