Artists Partner with CPA Review Course Companies

certified public accountant study courseThe modern world of art goes way beyond the traditional studio. Art and design is in everything that we do, own, and operate. Companies like Apple take great pride in their designs and the fact that they hire artists with all types of backgrounds. In fact, Steve Jobs has been quoted as saying the best programmers, computer technicians, and creative people are artists. People who paint, draw, play music, and create designs work on much more than art projects.

This month I had the opportunity to talk with a local artist who is partnering with two companies that specialize in creating professional review courses for the CPA exam. Todd worked with Gleim CPA review and Fast Forward Academy on their newly redesigned courses in an effort to modernize them and bring them up to date for the next generation of certified public accountant candidates.

Todd started his project with Gleim. They were in the process of designing a user interface that allows CPA candidates the ability to access their study questions, quizzes and videos while reading the textbook. This is an important design feature that allows users to access all areas of the review course at once. Todd said that his experience as an artist was essential for this new project. His eye for design helped him organize a layout for the course that would accomplish everything. He was also asked to help redesign the Gleim cpa review discount books. Needless to say they loved his work and are in the process of planning a new project for him.

Gleim isn’t the only company that was impressed with Todd’s work however. Fast Forward Academy is a newer professional review course company that is trying to establish itself as one of the most modern companies in the industry. They strive to provide the best user interface and sleek design that will allow students to learn and remember information faster. Although Todd hasn’t started work with FFA, he is in the process of working out a deal with the company to start their first project together. The Fast Forward Academy cpa study course will no doubt increase its market share because of Todd’s great work.

As you can see, there is a need for artists of all kinds outside of the traditional art communities. Who else is going to design mainstream products, websites, and services other than true artists? An engineer or accountant would be able to create something so beautiful that consumers want to purchase and use it. Only artists can do this. So for all of you reading this with no idea where their art education and background can lead them; think corporate America. Think tech companies. Think outside the box. There are opportunities for all of us out there.