Artists Raise Funds for Victims of Handgun Violence: Push for More Secure Safes


Secure Safes for GunsI was recently visiting family in the Chicago area and saw an interesting flyer I thought I’d let my readers know about.

As I’m sure many of you know, Chicago is one of the hardest hit communities from gun violence in America, yet it rarely receives much attention from those usually calling for tighter gun control regulations.

Well, the locals are taking matters into their own hands since the rest of the country has seemingly forgot about them—or so the flyer says.

Donating Money to Charities

There is a large group of local artists who are looking to raise funds to support those families affected by the terrible gun violence plaguing the city and the entire surrounding area. There are sometime 10-15 murders a day on the streets of Chicago from gun violence.

All of these children have families: mothers, fathers, grandparents, and usually siblings.

What is left of these families that are being torn apart due to gun crimes? Artist have banded together to sell their work and donate the proceeds to local charities that help out the victims.

Beyond their role in helping victims financially, they also want to see some reforms take place that help prevent these kinds of crime. Due to a recent Supreme Court ruling, Chicago can no longer outright ban all handguns, which is what the artist say they would prefer, but they have a second best option they would like to see implemented.

I met up with one of the artists to talk about their plan.

More Secure Gun Safes are the Answer

In order to stop gun crimes and prevent future deaths, we need to make absolutely certain that guns are not being stolen and trafficked throughout the streets of our city.

Marcus Gill, a local artist, says requiring gun owners to safely and securely store all of their firearms in a large wall gun safes is one possible solution to the gun crime epidemic.

“A lot of these guns are being stolen and robbed from people’s homes. If we lock them up inside the house, these criminals won’t be able to get them. That will keep huge amounts of guns off the streets,” says Gill.

Some self-proclaimed “second amendment advocates” say this will do nothing but harm law-abiding citizens who legally own firearms for self-defense.

“If you make everyone lock their guns up in their homes, how will they be able to protect themselves in the event of a robbery? The answer is, you won’t. You are preventing men and women from keeping their children safe,” says Steven Willard, a pro-gun local.

Willard says he isn’t opposed to using high-security gun safes to protect firearms. In fact, he says he owns many quality liberty safes and other brands where he secures most of his guns.

But requiring all of them to be locked up at all times he says will not stop the crime problem and it will only hurt families trying to protect themselves.

None of this changes the wonderful act, however, of these local artists, who are selling their artwork and donating all of the proceeds to local charities.

People are suffering and these artists are doing what they can to help.