Do It Yourself Artists Have What It Takes

local-artist-weekendPart of our philosophy here is that anyone has what it takes to be an artist. You don’t need to be formally trained—although sometimes that helps—to express yourself in an artistic way.

That’s why we make our studio space open to any and all do it yourself artists on our “Do It Yourself Weekends.” These do it yourself art weekends happened roughly once a month, but sometimes the space is too busy to allow that so sometimes it’s only once every other month.

The idea behind them was simple. We have tons of artists within our community who love creating art, but they don’t always have the ability to go out and purchase all of the equipment, the accessories, and they wouldn’t know exactly how to set it up even if they did. So how can we get these artists, who are dying to produce their work, into our studio space? That’s where the “Do It Yourself Weekends” came into play.

Once a month, or once every other month, we open up our studio space to the full neighborhood, and for a nominal fee you can use all of the equipment. We usually charge around five dollars for an entire day of studio time. Where else can you find a deal that good? And obviously word has gotten out because the last few weekends we have had so many people we’ve had to put some time restrictions on certain activities.

These weekends are great because they solidify a community of local, independent artists. Our do it yourself weekends aren’t just about making art, although that certainly was the catalyst to start them. They’ve not turned into something much more. Locals will come in just to get a glimpse of what’s going on and see a few artists at work. They may buy a few pieces from the gallery upstairs or they might go out back to the BBQ.

That’s right. Our little gatherings of local artists have gotten so big that we actually have cookouts now. It’s not a continual cookout obviously, but either Friday evening or Saturday afternoon we will have a cookout for all of the people who are milling around. It keeps them interested longer, and the smell of the food actually helps attract people from the area too.

All in all, it’s a great event that is well worth the time and effort to put it together. We have sculptors, painters, printmakers, graphic designers, and just about any other kind of artist you can think of. You name it and odds are they are here.

Our next objective is to try and organize a block party weekend at all of the surrounding businesses so that we can generate more attention for everyone. A few of the local businesses are closed on the weekends when we have these, but if we could get some of them to stay open and have a full block event, the exposure would be great. I’m sure it will be a great success and after our initial run, we’ll have even more local businesses joining in.