Fracking Protest: Artists Rally for Clean, Softened Water with Filters

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Artists have long used their medium to encourage and facilitate social change. This is part of what makes art edgy and provocative. Even today, artists throughout the world are making bold steps and statements for human rights.

Chinese artists have long called for free speech and ability to criticize the government.

This is something so many American don’t truly appreciate and take for granted: the ability to use their medium for any kind of artistic expression for which they choose. All throughout the world, governments censor the speech, the press, the arts, of everyday citizens. This leads to a lack of expression, a lack of thought, and a lack of culture generally, all of which are fundamental elements of the artistic process.

California Artist Gather Against Fracking

Given their long history of advocating for social change, it’s natural that artists in America, given their wide rights of freedom of speech and expression, would still be protesting what they see s injustices in there country, in society, and in their neighborhoods.

Recently a group of California banned together to protest fracking, which is a process of extracting natural gas and oil through high pressure well-stimulation.

The artists want to ban the drilling technique, which they view as harmful to the environment, but unlike most protests in modern America, these artist were not just protesting something, they were also making a stand for something else.

Too often protests are just “against” something and are never “for” anything. They are just “anti” events full of negativity and offering no solutions. This was not the case at the recent California artists rally.

Advocate for Water Softeners State Wide

While fracking was the specific issue that brought these artists together, they have since come out in favor of Fleck home based water softeners for every home in the state of California.

With the recent drought in California, they say that by providing each home its own reverse osmosis water filtering system the state will be able to save millions of gallons of water annually. If you can’t change the conditions of water falling from the sky, your next best bet is to change the uses of that water.

Governor Brown has made several steps to curb the use and consumption of water in California, but the protestors say none of them will be as affective as requiring all businesses, hotels, and private residents to use water softening systems in their home.

The systems will more efficiently and effectively distribute the water throughout private homes and restaurants statewide, and since the home is where most water is used, it only makes sense to limit how much water people can use in their homes with their families and children.

So far the artists have not been successful in their call to ban fracking on a state-wide basis or for softeners for all homes and businesses. They have, however, been successful in getting several cities and municipalities to ban fracking completely within their limits.

This is seen as a big step in the right direction and half-way to the end goal of giving each home access to clean water that is filtered and free of any bacteria, germs, and pollutants.