Local Artist Get Involved with Beer of the Month Clubs

Beer of the Month Club ArtArt and beer? Why not?

That’s what a few local artists are saying in the Portland, Oregon region and it’s quickly becoming a regional sensation.

I recently took a trip down to Portland to visit some friends and enjoy the city. The Pacific Northwest is one of my absolute favorite areas in the country. The people are so energetic and full of life, there is always something going on and places to go, and the scenery is absolutely gorgeous.

And the nice thing about Portland is it’s right by another one of my favorite cities to visit-Seattle.

Anyway, I was up there on a recent trip and I saw a bunch of artists outside painting, sculpting, and freehand drawing surrounded by beer.

This obviously isn’t something you see everyday, so I had to go investigate, and the story is pretty incredible.

As it turns, out there are things called a craft beer club that send out different beers to a list of subscribers each month. These people pay a monthly fee to be on a distribution list and each and every month they get a new case of beer sent to their house.

No, this isn’t a new case of Budweiser; it’s a new custom, craft beer that most people wouldn’t otherwise be able to experience because of the regional distribution of so many breweries.

So, how does this relate to local artists? Well, a group of brewers who started out making beer in their basements with homebrew kit supplies they cobbled together from friends had recently got picked up into a large beer of the month catalog.

For their premiere run, they wanted to include something special into each of the cases—a custom piece of art that was specific and unique to their hometown and their brewery.

So they enlisted a bunch of local artist for a day of fun, food, art, and beer to celebrate this new milestone of success for their business. It was really cool to be able to experience it. There was probably a few hundred people that turned out for the event, which lasted 3 to 4 hours (and I got there well into it).

The entire event was really a microcosm of why I like Portland so much. All of the businesses, all of the artists, all of the citizens, they are all intertwined. They all form a larger community that interacts and supports everyone else.

While most people wouldn’t necessarily or automatically associate beer and art together, the brewery nonetheless thought to bring in the artist community for their new accomplishment.

Not only does this help the artists, but it also helps the brewer because the event turned into a big day for business. I mean, look at me. I had never heard of this brewery before. I had never been there before. If I hadn’t seen such a strange site outside when I walked passed, I probably wouldn’t have ever gone there.

But, as a result of their event, I went there, bought some beer, and even made a few purchases so I can make beer at home with my friends.

Portland is a great example of where local artists and businesses work together to create a great atmosphere for both.